Wednesday, 25 May 2022


Wookies In The Wild NZ have held their 5th annual event aptly nicknamed WOOKIE5. It’s always an absolute blast and this year was no exception. From driving up Mt Ruapehu both Turoa and Whakapapa sides with a bite to eat in a little slice of paradise, to hanging out at the Top10 Ohakune holiday park. Not one moment is to be missed. We want to pass a special thanks to our sponsors; without you this event would not be as special to our attendees. 

Smits Group / Meguiar’s NZ was proud to be one of the sponsors for this years event, supplying prizes, goodie bags and discount offers.



We also want to acknowledge our winners this year:

  • FROTHRRR - Spirit of the Wookie - the person who embodies the Wookie:

    Charles Coleman - MK5 R32 CHALES

  • ROOKIE - Best non-VR6

    Rob Clubley - Audi Quattro AUDI00

  • RRRWDY - Best Sounding VR6

    Harry Dunn - MK4 R32 CEF516

  • FARRRT - Best Sounding non VR6

    Bophea Hart - MK5 GTI LMD748

  • FARRR - Furthest Travelled Wookie

    Fred Farrell - MK5 R32 KMR162

  • RRRIP - Triggered the Check Engine Light this trip!

    Maxwell Wickens - MK4 R32 KGE578

  • VRRR6 - People's Choice VR6

    Owen Jones - MK3 Golf VR6 JRZ809

  • WINRRR MK6 - People's Choice MK6 Golf

    Loree Blank - MK6 R IAPRI

  • WINRRR MK5 - People's Choice MK5 Golf

    Connor Atwood - MK5 R32 VRRM

  • WINRRR MK4 - People's Choice MK4 Golf

    Mick Lammers - MK4 R32 Turbo Bonkers MIR32



  • Official: Natalie Ng (@journalcophoto)

  • Curtis Leaning

  • Harry Dunn