Friday, 17 May 2024

True Ceramic protection, for DIY application - it's a game changer

Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating is derived from our professional formulations to deliver ultra-druable protection, with enhanced gloss and slickness in an easy-to-apply DIY formulation - honestly, achieving a true-cure ceramic coating doesn't get any easier than this! The proprietary technology in Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating allows the product to harden into a solid barrier, just like the professionally applied ceramic coating does. 

One major benefit of Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating is the surface doesn't have to be absolutely perfect, but as with any wax, sealant or coating, doing a full paint correction process (clay bar, compound, and polish) beforehand will ensure that you get the best bond, best performance, and best durability. Assess your paintwork, looking for above-surface contaminants - tree sap, pollen, industrial fall-out - the best way to check for this is to run the palm of your hand over the just washed surface, if it feels gritty, use the Meguiar's Smooth Surface Clay Kit to lift away any bonded contaminants and reveal a smooth-as-glass finish. 

Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating will conceal minor paint defects, but we know you true enthusiasts will be opting to eliminate them prior - if that sounds like you reach for your Meguiar's Ultimate Compound to eliminate swirls and scratches, and follow up with Meguiar's Ultimate Polish, this will increase the gloss and depth of paint for a real mirror-like shine, it helps the colour to pop even more!

Now your paint is looking pristine, it's time to lock in that shine with Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating - it's super easy to use, simply spray on one panel at a time, once you see it "flash" off, wipe it with a separate premium microfiber to reveal a brilliant, high-gloss, extra-slick finish. You won't believe how much easier washing, drying, and maintaining your paintwork will be!

What's more, Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating not only delivers cutting-edge protection to your paintwork, but it's absolutely safe and works a treat to protect exterior plastic trim, decals, paint protection film, and wheels!! 

  • Ultra durable protection that’s simple to use
  • Excellent water beading protection that outlasts our waxes
  • Increases gloss & slickness while also concealing minor defects
  • Spray, spread, & buff off application
  • Familiar user experience is more inviting to general consumer

Note, it is not recommended for matte or satin finishes as it may add unwanted gloss.