Bodyshop friendly, versatile and easy to use pro-grade Polish.

Thursday, 6 June 2024

Meguiar’s has lifted the bar again when it comes to light defect removal, while creating a high-gloss finish, this professional cleaner polish creates a deep, glossy finish on dark and sensitive paints that are prone to swirl or scratch easily. Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish is created for professional body shop and detailers, being body shop safe, it’s the perfect solution for finishing vehicles prior to customer pick up even in a paint shop environment.

With the end user in mind, this product is formulated for convenience this formulation is super user friendly. Curated with a long work cycle, this product delivers excellent results, with easy wipe off and low dusting properties which cut down clean up time.

Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish features advanced technology, the abrasive properties excel at removing paint defects to clean quickly and gently, while the lubricants prevent inducing swirls or haze, for an incredible high-gloss depth of shine.

Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish is fine tuned for use with a dual action variable speed polisher, utilizing either a tall or short stroke, making this product versatile. However, is Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish is also safe and effective when used with a rotary buffer and when using by hand

Add a high-gloss shine to your customers cars today with Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish.