Meguiar’s Pro So1o, All-In-One.

Wednesday, 12 June 2024

Meguiar’s Professional So1o All-In-One is back and better than ever, now formulated with SiO2 protection, this formulation removes paint defects, while delivering durable, water beading protection.

This one step all-in-one solution combines the compounding, polishing and protection steps of car care in to one. Meguiar’s SMAT (Super Micro Abrasive Technology) makes Meguiar’s Professional So1o All-In-One an excellent swirl remover, quickly cleaning paint gently without inducing swirls or hazing, while producing an amazing high-gloss depth and shine.

Meguiar’s Professional So1o All-In-One delivers a fantastic user experience, with it’s low dusting, easy to apply and wipe off formula, using and cleaning up is a breeze. It’s built to be versatile, with the ability to remove up to 3000 grit sanding marks when using a machine polisher, whether it’s a tall or short stroke dual action variable speed polisher, rotary or even by  hand when using different grades of pads and discs to fine-tune the cut to the task at hand.

The added SiO2 based protection leaves behind a durable water beading protection, that outlasts traditional wax formulations, this all-in-one solution is cutting edge, and should be part of your professional detailing kit today!