+ Can I wash my microfibres, wash mitts and drying towels?
Yes, you can wash all the Meguiar's detailing, polishing, drying cloths, and wash mitts - the only exception is the Lambswool Wash Mitt. We recommend a 40-60 degree wash with normal laundry detergent, with NO softeners or conditioners.


Meguiar’s offers a variety of products to suit the needs, budget and goals of a variety of users. From the do it yourself enthusiast to the trained professionals - Meguiar’s has a selection of products, pads and accessories for you.
+ What pads are best for Ultimate Compound, Polish and Wax?
By hand, we recommend the Meguiar's Foam Applicator Pads. By machine: The Meguiar’s Foam Finishing Pads (black) is designed for applying your last step product, like a wax. The Meguiar’s Foam Polishing Pads* (yellow) is designed for applying a polish and the Meguiar’s Foam Cutting Pads (red) are designed to apply a compound. *You can also use the Polishing Disc to apply a compound if you need a lighter cut.
+ What is ceramic or SiO2?
Ceramic coatings or “nano coatings” are durable and harder than waxes and sealants. They can deliver intense water beading action and depending on the chemistry, the coating may also make cleaning easier and keep the paint surface cleaner for longer. Commonly used ceramic materials for coatings include SiC (silicon carbide), SiO2 (silicon dioxide) and Si3N4 (silicon nitride). Hybrid Ceramic Wax isn’t a coating, but it has SiO2 infused in a polymer matrix that delivers some of the qualities you find in coatings. Essentially it combines polymer molecules with an SiO2 core making it a hybrid between a polymer sealant and a ceramic coating. You end up with some of the characteristics of a ceramic coating like increased protection, durability, and an extreme water beading action that is much easier to apply.
+ Can I use clean old towels, cloths and rags for removing product residue?
All Meguiar’s formulations recommend the use of a deep pile Microfibre for removing product residues. These are far more absorbent than cloth and will therefore deliver a streak-free finish much quicker. Microfibre will also reduce the risk of scratches from particles that may end up on the paint surface during the process.
+ Can I use Meguiar’s products on top of my dealer applied protective coating?
You can use all Meguiar’s car wash products, quik detailers and quik wax products. Clay and compound products are designed to remove these types of coatings, so we recommend avoiding them.
+ Should I re-wax after evey wash?
Not if you use a good quality, specially formulated car wash. All Meguiar’s car washes will safely remove road grime and contaminants without damaging the protective wax coating.
+ Is machine polishing dangerous?
When using a dual action polisher, the heat is distributed evenly across the pad so you will not have isolated, extreme heat that you can get with a rotary polisher. A dual action polisher will enable a DIY enthusiast to get near perfect paint at home. When using a rotary polisher, it would be advised to seek out training, and learn how to use the correct pads and techniques for the task.

Interior care

+ What can I use on perforated leather, that doesn't dry white in the holes?
For cleaning use Gold Class Leather & Vinyl Cleaner. To condition and protect, use either Gold Class Leather Conditioner or Gold Class Rich Leather Gel.
+ How can I remove odours from my car interior?
To neutralise and remove odours caused by spills such as drinks, food, etc use Meguiar’s Carpet & Cloth Re-fresher, or for a complete interior treatment including air vents use Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator (available in a range of fragrances) to remove strong persistent odours such as cigarette smoke, pet smells and more.


+ What to use to remove swirls?
Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is our go to product for quickly and safely removing swirls and imperfections. Its easy to use and is effective by hand or Dual Action Polisher. We always recommend following up with a protective coating or wax.
+ What is clay?
After you’ve washed and dried your paintwork run your fingertips over the surface. It is likely that you will feel small imperfections. These are contaminants bonded to the paint that cannot be removed with washing alone. Typically these would be tree sap, remnants of bird poop, industrial fallout or even paint overspray. Clay is a fast and safe way to remove contaminants that have bonded to your paintwork which can’t be shifted by washing alone. Meguiar’s recommend that you tear about half of the clay bar off and work it in your hands until soft. Mould the clay to a 5cm disc, spray the Quik Detailer onto clean, dry paintwork and glide the clay through the lubricant using fingertip pressure. It will remove all of the bonded contaminants, giving you a finish as smooth as glass
+ What can I use to remove stains from my paint?
Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound is fantastic at quickly removing stains from vehicle paint, it can be applied by hand or dual action polisher. We always recommend following up with a protective coating or wax.
+ How often should I use a paint cleaner?
It is important to deep cleanse your paintwork at least once a year. This will remove light oxidation, minor staining and the inevitable build up or waxes and silicones. After an application of Deep Crystal System Step 1 Paint Cleaner, or Ultimate Compound followed by a polish and wax, your paint colour will be richer and its gloss deeper.
+ Will ScratchX 2.0 remove my scratch?
Scratch-X 2.0 uses diminishing abrasive technology to give you the best chance of removing light scratches and swirls by hand without scouring your paint finish. If a scratch is deep enough that it can be felt with your fingernail then it is likely that it will need to be removed by a professional.

Polish & wax

+ What is the difference between Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax and a normal spray wax?
Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax has been designed to use as part of the washing process. Wash your car with your selected wash method, rinse the vehicle and simply spray Hybrid Ceramic Wax on while the car is still wet, then rinse the product away, although for the best results, we advise applying a base coat, then applying a second coat on initial application, as per the products instructions. Traditional spray waxes are applied like a quick detailer, spray on and wipe off but lack the durability of the Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax.
+ Are there circumstances when I shouldn't wax my car?
Yes, if your car has new paint applied as a result of smash repair work or a respray. You should wait 8 weeks to allow for the paint to cure and harden before you apply a wax product to protect your paint.
+ Can I use polish and wax products on factory matte finish paint?
Never apply any type of polish or wax product to a Matte Finish Paint surface as they will cause the finish to become glossy. You can remove fingerprints, smears and very light marks using either Meguiar's Quik Detailer or Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Detailer.
+ Can I polish and wax my car if it has paint protection?
Polish and wax products shouldn’t be used on cars that have paint protection applied, and may void the manufacturers warranty terms and conditions if used.


Use cold to lukewarm water to wash your car. Only use hot water to spot clean small areas to remove stubborn contaminants such as road tar and dried bird droppings.
+ How do I wash my car without water?
Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax is a great product if you have restricted water access. Use 2 x microfibre towels, the first to safely remove product and grim and the second to buff the panel dry and clean
If the car is muddy and/or gritty, you cannot substitute a bucket, wash mitt and shampoo car wash. If you have heavy dust, tree fall out, bugs and dirty water, then the Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax is ideal. Using 2 towels you collect the contaminants into the first towel then buff to a shine with the second towel.
A wash & wax car wash will leave behind a thin layer of wax on window glass and normally won’t cause any problems. However, if you get a build up of wax on the windscreen it may cause the wipers to chatter. If this happens, simply clean the windscreen and the edge of the rubber wiper blades with either Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner.
+ What is your best wax?
Ultimate Wax is our most advanced wax we have produced with built in polishing oils. This will give you the best gloss, depth of colour and protection in a ‘combined’ product. If protection is what you after, Hybrid Ceramic Liquid Wax is our longest lasting protection product lasting up to 7 months from a single application.
+ What is the two-bucket method and why?
Most swirl marks are inflicted in the washing process. 2 buckets allow you to split dirty water and shampoo solution. Bucket 1: Water & shampoo solution. Bucket 2: Grit Guard Insert and half filled with lukewarm water. Using bucket 1 to prime your wash mitt, wash an area of the car, then rinse your wash mitt in bucket 2 making sure to rub against the Grit Guard to dislodge any grit from your mitt. Then you are taking a clean mitt back into bucket 1 and repeating the cycle until the car is clean. When washing, work your way from the top to the bottom of the vehicle.
When washing a car with a sponge, tiny particles can get trapped between the surface of the sponge and the paint and as a result, these particles can create circular scratches & swirls in the paint surface. By hosing the paintwork first with a jet of water and using a wash mitt with a deep pile, these particles will be absorbed into the pile and will consequently do a lot less damage to your paint. Also using a grit guard in the bottom of your bucket to remove any loose dirt from the mitt will help.
+ What car wash is best for use in hard water areas?
NXT Generation Car Wash contains water softeners and will help to reduce water spots from hard water. A Quik Detailer is also a great product to use as a drying aid in the drying process. Simply mist over a panel as you dry the panel.
Typically for a matte finish paint we would recommend a non-wax car wash, such as Meguiar’s Soft Wash Gel, Gold Class Car Wash or NXT Generation Car Wash, teamed with a Lambswool Wash Mitt, Grit Guard in the bottom of the bucket and dry with a Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Drying Towel.

Wheels & tyres

+ What is the difference between Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner and Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner
Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner is ideal on all alloy wheels and dress rims including clear coats, painted rims, chrome and plastic. Safe & effective for loosening brake dust and grime build-up. Effective as a spray on and hose off product. It is most effective if agitated with a wet brush after application. Hot Rims Wheel & Tire Cleaner is ideal for all factory-coated wheels, which are clear coated. It removes tough road grime & brake dust on wheel & tyre surfaces. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR application to aftermarket wheels, Motorcycle wheels, brake components, anodized, magnesium, un-coated or powder-coated wheels. NOTE: Always check manufacturers guidelines on cleaning and maintaining your wheels.
+ How can I tell if my wheels are clear coated or not?
Nearly all factory rims are clear coated and many aftermarket wheels are not. If you test polish a small section and the cloth turns the colour of your wheel (not just dirty) it’s NOT clear coated.
+ Do I need to be careful with wheel cleaners on my brake calipers?
Yes. Painted calipers are highly resistant to chemicals but uncoated brake components are not and can mark or whiten if an aggressive wheel cleaner is not rinsed off within approximately 15 seconds. In the case of aftermarket components use the least aggressive product like Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner.
+ What is the best product for cleaning white wall tyres?
Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Multipurpose Cleaner quickly removes stubborn dirt, grease and built-up grime from white wall tyres, and just about any interior/exterior surface.
+ How to clean & Maintain Tyres?
Using a soft bristle brush, scrub the tyres with any Meguiar’s car wash solution or Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner then rinse off with a strong flow of water. After drying, Meguiar’s have a range of tyre maintenance products to suit your individual requirements: Hot Shine Tire Spray or Coating provides a great high gloss shine. NXT Generation Insane Shine delivers an insanely high gloss shine. Endurance Tire Gel or Aerosol delivers the longest lasting formula for a rich dark shine.