The Meguiar's Super Suds Wash Mate features thousands of Chenille microfibre-noodles which hold a massive amount of your super sudsy car wash solution to deliver a superior clean, the 'noodles' safely lift and trap dirt and grime deep into the pile to protect your paintwork from washing related scratches. Being able to hold a greater amount of washing solution and keep the dirt and grime away from the surface will cut your washing time, as you won't have to dip into your bucket as often! The long thin noodles can get into hard to reach places for a deeper, more thorough clean - without the extra effort! Double-sided, durable construction makes it ideal for large cars, full-sized SUV's, tradie utes, trucks caravans and watercraft. Delivers amazing results on paint, glass, plastic and chrome. 

The Meguiar's Super Suds Wash Mate is the perfect companion for Meguiar's MegaFoam Snow Cannon. 

  • Heavy Duty Scratch Free Cleaning
  • Premium Quality Microfibre
  • Mega Size, Mega Suds
  • Perfect Companion for Meguiar's MegaFoam Snow Cannon

To care for your The Meguiar's Super Suds Wash Mate, simply - give it a thorough rinse after use, or you can machine wash in warm water, if it gets soiled. DO NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Allow to air/drip dry naturally in a well-ventilated area, then store in a clean, dust-free environment.