Professional Paint Inspection Light

Meguiar’s MT103 Sunlight 3+ is the perfect tool for anyone looking to inspect their paint for a myriad of defects, whether they are a professional detailer, an automotive painting technician or simply a detailing enthusiast.

This simple-to-use light redefines what is possible from a single light, allowing users to identify pre-existing defects, check their paint correction work, verify paint match, or even to inspect after applying a coating for the presence of high spots.

This unique co-branded Meguiar’s & Scangrip inspection light features one-of-a-kind functionality that elevates Scangrip’s Sunmatch 3+ to the next level with unique features such as an exclusive, separate stepless dimmer switches for both light output and color temperature.

Additionally, a convenient memory function allows for instant on/off without searching for settings. All of this comes in a rugged, durable aluminum alloy casing that’s designed to both perform and last.

So, no matter if you are looking for high spots when installing a coating or making sure all below surface defects are removed prior to applying a sealant or coating, the MT103 Sunlight 3+ is definitely a must-have tool for anyone detailing on a regular basis.

  • CO-BRANDED LIGHT: Co-Branded with Scangrip, leading manufacturer in innovative LED work lights
  • ESSENTIAL DETAILING TOOLS: Light identifies high spots in coatings and below surface swirls and scratches during paint correction process
  • DURABLE & RUGGED: Uniquely designed durable body created to perform and last
  • UNIQUE DIMMER FEATURE: "Dimmer" switch for light output & color temperature unique to the Sunlight 3+
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMORY SETTING: Exclusive and convenient memory function for instant on/off without searching for settings